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Tomorrow, When the War Began - Synopsis

A   group of friends go camping in a remote valley named Hell for a week. They expect afterwards to return to their homes and find everything as it was before, they couldn't be more wrong.

Due to a conversation that took place the day before the day before they were due to leave, the main character (Ellie), is on edge when the group seems to take too long to get back to her home.

Her fears are realised when she finds her house deserted, and even more frighteningly, the working dogs are dead, still chained to their kennels and the power and phone have been cut off.

Seeing the situation at her house, Ellie suggests they go to Homer's house down the road. On finding that house deserted, some hard truths gave to be confronted and plans have to be made.

After deciding to wait until dark, the group go to the houses of Kevin and Corrie. From there they decide to go check out their home town of Wirrawee to see what has happened since they left there.

In town they run into trouble when Ellie, Corrie and Kevin are shot at while checking out the showground, where they inhabitants of the area are being imprisoned. This leads to an explosive situation where the three only just manage to escape.

On rejoining the rest of the group, they realise to their horror that Robyn and Lee have not returned. Deciding they can't wait any longer, they return to Corrie's to regroup.

As their minds are on other things, the group is surprised by a helicopter patrol and they see to their horror that Kevin's dog, Flip, is outside barking at the chopper. They only just manage to retreat to the shearer's quarters out the back when an enemy jet appears and destroys Corrie's house.

After waiting for Corrie to calm down, they carry out Homer's plan of gathering supplies for their camp in Hell. Ellie and Homer decide to go back into Wiarrawee to try and find out what happened to Robyn and Lee.

On arriving at Robyn's house, Ellie surprises Robyn, who then faints. A while later they learn what has happened to Lee, so they decide to go pick him up from parent's restaurant and get out of town.

In an impressive sequence, Ellie drives a truck which has a shovel on the front (which they put Lee into), but by this stage they are being chased by soldiers in vehicles. They manage to lose them and head out to another rural property to swap cars. Just as they are dumping the car in the dam, they find Chris, who has been hiding on his property for a week.

For about a week or so, the group recuperates in the safety of Hell. Finally, they decide to send another group out for an information gathering mission in Wirrawee, while the rest of the group improves the camp.

When the others return, Homer decides they should do something more to help the war effort. Something that would set the enemy back in the invasion of the country. As I don't want to give away the ending, all I will say is that involves a petrol tanker and a major feature on the highway that runs into Wirrawee...

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