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The Third Day, The Frost - Synopsis

The books starts with the group still being searched for by the enemy. This is due to the fact that they managed to blow up Turner Street in Wirrawee during the last book.

After a month or so, the search for them seems to be scaled back and they decide to go check out something they discussed in the second book, the harbour at Cobbler's Bay.

On their way there, the group comes across a farm being used by colonists and they spot their friend Kevin in one of the prisoner work parties. As they haven't seen him since he drove off with the injured Corrie after their attack on the Wirrawee Bridge, the group decides to contact him. When they do make contact with him, they decide to see if they can rescue him.

Their plan succeeds up to a point, but their is a confrontation with one of the guards that ends badly and the group is forced to flee.

After walking for what seems like an eternity, the group crashes in a grain silo and promptly proceeds to get sick. Almost a week later, it is revealed that everyone in the group has had a fever, except Homer and Lee who were looking after them.

Some time afterwards the group sets off towards Cobbler's bay to check it out. While performing surveillance on the harbour, Lee manages to find some fishing gear and they all end up going fishing for a few days. This cheers them up, as not only is it a change of diet, but also something 'normal' to take their minds off what they have been through.

After going fishing they decide to start planning their attack on the harbour and begin going around remote farm houses to gather materials.

As it is quite a larger target that the ones the group has attacked before, they begin to get worried about how they are going to get close enough to it to do anything. Kevin is the one who has the idea of using a stove timer on a truck to make it break down, so they can load their stuff onto it.

They get their chance to do this on the same night, Homer and Ellie being the ones to hide inside the container so they can get onto the wharf.

Many hours later, the two find the container are in has been loaded onto a ship and they set up the bomb.

After waiting until nightfall, the two light the fuse and try to get off the ship. Ellie has some trouble getting off and manages to push a soldier over the edge with her.

A desperate swim across the harbour follows, where Ellie and Homer are perused by a patrol boat and helicopter. The only thing that stops the pursuit is the explosion of the ship, the waves from which beat Ellie against the shore.

Finding herself alone, Ellie tries to find her friends and one stage is spotted by a helicopter and is chased by soldiers on the ground. She finally manages to find her friends, only to find they have been bailed up by soldiers.

Ellie deals with the soldiers and trying not to think about what she had to do to them, she takes the car they were in and the group hides out in a wrecker's yard.

While hiding there the group finds a house which contains communications equipment and they decide to risk calling New Zealand. Their call is successful and they manage to get in contact with Lieutenant-Colonel Finley from New Zealand Army Intelligence.

They are happy to have got in contact with someone they can trust and to get encouragement for what they have done, but they are disappointed that they can't be rescued.

A couple of days later, Lee finds after going a fair way from where the group is hiding, the the enemy is using dogs to search for them, so they decide to take off for an isolated spot on the coast.

However, on the way there they are caught in an ambush and taken to a maximum security prison in Stratton. Here a shocking revelation is waiting for them, someone they thought they would never see again...

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