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The Night is For Hunting - Review

When I first read this book my immediate reaction was that it was quite similar to Darkness Be My Friend, but now I think there are several important differences between the two.

The story takes quite a different turn with the introduction of several new characters and the effect they have on the group is what makes it so interesting.

One of the main characters in the book, Ellie, says what happened to them with the children from Stratton reminded her of 'Lord of the Flies'. This is one of the few cases in a story I know of that the main character articulates thoughts that are held by the reader so strongly.

There are also some interesting developments with the characters in this novel. One of these is when Fi sticks the knife in while talking to Ellie over her treatment of Lee since the incident with him a while back.

Of course what is even more interesting is the introduction of the feral kids from Stratton: Gavin, Jack, Darina, Casey and Natalie. They are quite surprising in their actions and the spirit they show whilst trying to run away after being rescued.

Some people may back disappointed by the situations in this novel, that they are not as 'explosive' as those in previous books in the series. I don't agree with this as I feel that they are very dramatic and well handled.

Some of the situations that express this are the escape of the group from Stratton with Ellie driving the truck and the search for the kids when they run off, which seems to go on to the point of exhaustion.

As with the previous book in the series, the language in the is novel is very dark. I believe the way the language in each successive book in the series seems to get darker and more threatening, suits the series perfectly as the characters seem to be getting into more dangerous situations as the war progresses.

Overall, although it is a very dark book to read, it does make up for it with interesting characters and some exciting situations.

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