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The Dead of the Night - Synopsis

This book does start on a downer as the main character, Ellie, is depressed because of her friend's reactions to what she had written regarding their previous experiences.

We also learn more about the characters, especially Chris, as the group recovers from losing Corrie and Kevin and hopes to possibly make contact with them again so they can strengthen their numbers.

Due to Homer's previous life as a hoon, they manage to get into the hospital in Wirrawee and find out what happened to Corrie. Less successful however, is their attack on a convoy up a remote back road (they almost get caught), and it leave Ellie with a dark shadow on her conscience.

Back in the refuge of Hell, they recuperate for a while, then Ellie convinces the group to find another way out of the valley to see if they can find anyone else to join up with.

After finding a way down a cliff to the next valley, they stumble onto a guerilla unit named Harvey's Heroes.

This group has set itself up like a 'proper' army unit and the people in it think very highly of themselves. Their leader, Major Harvey, is also an interesting specimen, who comes across as someone who is taking advantage of the situation and who doesn't like people questioning his authority.

I won't give away what happens to the group and Harvey's Heroes, but it does end badly. The group only just manages to escape themselves and not without injury.

When the group returns to their campsite, they find that Chris, who they left behind, isn't their and they become quite worried about him.

Four weeks later, constant rain forces them from Hell so they can dry their stuff out. While they are sheltering in a shed at Kevin's, a work party arrives on the property and they decide to move on, but Ellie decides to risk staying back to gain information from some of the prisoners.

A day or so later, the group decides to go back into Wirrawee to get more accomplished for 'their side'.

Once back in Wirrawee, the group decides to camp out at Robyn's Music Teacher's house. As it was raining while they were walking to the house, everyone's clothes are hung up to dry and Ellie ends up just wearing blankets to bed. Not long after, Lee comes in (he is also only wearing blankets). I'll leave it to your imagination what happens after that.

The next night, Ellie and Fi are sneaking around town to check out what has been going on, when they arrive are Turner Street, where Fi used to live, only to find that is being used by some enemy big wigs as a centre of operations.

After a group discussion, they decide to spy on Turner Street for as long as possible. They do this from the bell tower of a church Robyn used to attend. During the surveillance, Ellie finds out something shocking, Major Harvey is working with the enemy and staying in a house on Turner Street.

After they confirm that was really Major Harvey Ellie saw, the group quickly makes up a plan to attack the houses. This plan turns out to be a failure, but Ellie comes up with an idea, assisted by Lee, that involves electric timers and toasters...

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