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7th July 2005

I have been doing other things for a couple of years now so I haven't really had the time to update this site. For a more up to date site, check Richard Simpson's Tomorrow Series Site. I will do some more work on this site once the movie adaptions come out.

2nd May 2004

After only six years I have managed to get some photos of the full storyboard that I made for Tomorrow, When the War Began on my site.

3rd November 2004

I have read "While I live" and completed a review/synopsis which has been added to the site.

25th August 2004

Some formatting changes to the site that will hopefully make it easier to read some of the content.

29th April 2004

Richard Simpson emailed me today with news of an 8th book in the Tomorrow series with the working title of "While I live".

More discussion of the new book can also be found on the The John Marsden Group

7th April 2004

Layout changes on the site.
If you have a version 4 web browser some of the text may overlap the menu. (If you still have a version 4 browser there may be quite a lot of other sites you are having trouble viewing.) I have done my best to make sure it is still readable though.

22nd April 2002

Important news about the movie adaptations of the books.

14th February 2002

Here's a new page that has my Storyboards & Production Sketches for 'Tomorrow, When the War Began'.

7th February 2002

It took a while, but I've finally got a quiz page up.

24th January 2002

After four years I have finally decided to retire the buttons on the side of each page as well as the pictures at the start of each site section. (You can still see the pictures on this page.)

7th September 2001

I've now gone through and re-reviewed the entire series as well as doing synopsis for each book.
(Which contain spoilers so be warned.) I will also update the character profiles at a later date.

2nd June 2001
I decided it was time to ditch the frames layout and make redesign the site for the first time since 1998. Email me your comments on the changes.

28th April 2001
To Contact John Marsden go here

23rd February 2001.

This site is not officially endorsed by either John Marsden or Pan Macmillan Publishing.

Also, you cannot contact John Marsden directly by sending email to this site, but I will forward any messages that are meant for him.


12th January 2001.
I am currently working as Webmaster in Melbourne so I will not been able to update this site for quite a while, but I will still be reading all my email.

2nd January 2000
After some comments in the forum 'Critique My Site' at the site called Web Pages That Suck, I've decided to make some changes in design and layout in the site.

(Comments to the usual address please.)
I also tried to get funding in the Australian Film Comission competition called 'Stuff Art'.
Click here to view my entrance documents.
Tim Chmielewski

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