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Movie announcements/news:

Full length HD trailer
Official site for the movie
First trailer released
Final leading cast member announced
Male cast announced
First cast member announced

Movie is now offically starting production! See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1456941/

Thanks to Emma Thompson who recently informed me about the official site for the movies and also the Petition to show the series popularity (to help with funding.)

Fan-made trailers

Some fan-made trailers for Tomorrow, When the War Began from Youtube, enjoy!

lilmisssicecream, 14th June 2008
themusicofmylife, June 04 2008
tahneecellardoor, May 31 2008
fredchang931124, 13 April 2008
brandetta, 21st February 2008
computer181, 13 December 2007
coopbaz, 21 October 2007
majormole, 24th May 2007
blooper reel for above trailer
chops82, December 04 2006
butterfly889000, November 02 2006

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