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Miscellaneous Characters

Amber Faudling

Who is Amber Faulding? It's a trick question actually as it is the name Ellie calls herself when she is captured after blowing up a train and recovering in a military hospital and later at Camp 23.

She knows she is walking a very fine line with this identity (as is evidenced when she asks Colonel Long about her friends), but it buys her enough time to enable her to recover somewhat from being shot.

Major Harvey

The hapless amateur commander the group meet in the second book, turns up in Stratton Prison much nastier.

Quite stupid and sleazy to boot.

Colonel/General Finley

Sent the gang back to the warzone and talks to them over the radio.

Talks to them a bit during the fifth book and quite a lot during the last episode.


The New Zealand SAS captain who arrives by helicopter at the start of 'The Other Side of Dawn'.

Delivers their 'presents' and their orders to escalate their guerilla campaign (as if they weren't doing enough already!)

A bit short tempered and misunderstanding, but is not there for long enough to cause them any real troubles.

Colonel Long

The man who saves Ellie's life after she is captured running away from the wrecked train.

Seems to be nice to her, but is only in it for himself.

Also seeks a 'bit on the side'.


The Senior Prisoner in charge of Camp 23 that Ellie ends up in.

Looks a bit tough at first, but helps Ellie out and provides her with information on where to find her mother.

Issa & Monique

The two girls that share Ellie's tent in Camp 23.

They give her some good advice on 'contraception' and surviving the camp.

Dr. Muir/Stuart

The doctor in Camp 23.

He is very kind to Ellie and helps her without regard to his own safety.


Lee's 'sort of' girlfriend who causes a lot of trouble at the end of Burning for Revenge.

Is notable for the way Lee met her.

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