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Tomorrow Series Quiz

Welcome to my first attempt for a quiz for this site.

The questions come from different books in the series and I've included a couple of really obscure ones to test out how well you remember the books.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

1. What is Kevin's dogs name?
2. What did the boys use to create a distraction for Ellie and Fi to get the truck into position?

The Dead of the Night

3. What were Harvey's Heroes going to attack when they were ambushed?
4. Complete the following phrase that Homer said after the group blew up the houses on Turner Street:
"Anyone for "

The Third Day, The Frost

5. Who does the group rescue in this book?
6. What is the name of the city where the group is imprisoned after they are caught?

Darkness Be My Friend

7. What is the name of the talkative helicopter pilot who drops the group off back near Hell?
8. Which member of the group gets to see their parents in this book?

Burning for Revenge

9. Where does the group end up after hiding in a truck at the tip?
10. What is the name of Lee's 'other' girlfriend in this book?

The Night is For Hunting

11. Who drives the truck from Stratton all the way to Tailor's Stitch?
12. Who follows Ellie, Fi and Homer during their raid on the farmhouse?

The Other Side of Dawn

13. What does Ryan keep saying when he is surprised/angry?
14. What does Ellie decide to call herself when she is captured?

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