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Incurable - Synopsis

The book begins with Lee, Homer and a few other people going on a cross-border raid of their own. Ellie doesn't want to have anything to do with it, but is forced to chase after them when Gavin goes missing.

What follows is a spectacular rescue and chase as we have come to expect in the Tomorrow series and it was a surprise given the understated tone of the previous book.

Ellie just can't get a break, even a supposedly peaceful picnic in the bush turns into a battle for survival over the edge of a cliff. This experience leads to a revelation from Gavin however, and they both decide to go visit Lee in the city so Gavin can meet someone he thought he had lost.

This doesn't go so well however, leading to another chase and Ellie having to fight her way out of it yet again.

Even after all that happened to her, Ellie's mind seems to be made up when she hears of a planned cross-border raid and you just can't change some people.

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