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Incurable - Review

After While I Live I didn't hold out much hope of this series continuing much past the first book. I am happy to say that this book resolves those issues as the series has finally found its feet and looks in strong shape to continue.

This book felt a lot more like reading one of the original Tomorrow series books, not just for the action involved, but because the characters are a lot more developed and you care about what is happening to them.

In particular you get to find out a lot more about Gavin and his past, which explains his behaviour in the previous book in the Ellie Chronicles and also why he didn't want to go back to New Zealand during the war.

There were some interesting ideas in this book and I also liked the Don Quixote style reference of Ellie running into someone who had read a book about her.

It is good to see that people are still interested in the series - someone wrote in "demanding" I review this book. I will see how I go reviewing the rest of the series as they come out, as I am very busy these days.

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