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Ellie Linton

The 'voice' of the Tomorrow Series novels and not surprisingly the main character that is featured throughout the series.

Is very stubborn and headstrong ("I'll never call you a stupid obstinate slag heap again Ellie" - Homer), which gets her into trouble with her friends and also endangers her life at one point.

Everyone has good and bad sides to their personality and Ellie is no different. Her loyalty to her friends, love of her family and intelligence are amongst these.

She also loves the Australian bus and her life on the land somewhat prepares her for the rugged lifestyle she is forced to live during the war, but only just.

Along with Homer, she is also looked on by her friends as a leader of sorts and the others also come to rely on her for ideas. This is as well as writing about her experiences, which the group at first encouraged, but later it became a way of working things out.

Another side to her is revealed when the group is forced to look after a group of war orphans. Ellie and the other even become teachers of the children, despite still being in school themselves.

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