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Darkness, Be My Friend - Review

When I first read this book I thought that it was one of the most 'low key' of the series as it did not contain any 'big bangs'. I know realise that because of this, it is actually one of the better books in the series.

The story in this novel does play itself out over a longer time frame than the other books in the series, which makes for better pacing of events.

Also, as there doesn't seem to be one defining event that the story is based around, many more events seem to occur in the book and there is more emphasis on character development.

One of the good things about this book, is that there seems to be more characters introduced in this novel than most of the others in the series.

The ones that are introduced are; Colonel Finley and some New Zealand soldiers, of which Ian is the leader. What is good about them is that they are believable and they help to add interest to the story.

Adding to this is the way the existing characters are developed. One of my favourite sections of the book is where Ellie describes her feelings for and relationship with Corrie, even though it is heartbreaking to hear it in the circumstances.

The situations shown in this book do seem to be realistic as everything seems to go wrong all the time. However, it all does seem reasonable, as you can't expect the situations to work out with the same results all the time.

What happened to the New Zealand soldiers who arrived back in Australia with the group is never explained. This is realistic as it puts the reader in the same situation as Ellie and her friends.

I believe that the language used in this book is up to the standard of the previous episode in the series.

There also seems to be more variety in the language used in this book, possibly due to the slightly different settings at the start of the story.

Overall, I have to say that this would be one of the 'deeper' books in the series. You really get to find out a great deal about the characters and how they cope with what is happening to them.

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