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Subject:  Re: Hi...
Fri, 07 Dec 2001 22:06:23 +1100
Davin Baldwin 

Hi tim,

i took those pics myself whilst hiking through a section of the australian
alps in Victoria.....

it is a truly beautiful area, whilst doing the three day hike along a section
of track called the Stanley Name spur, our guide pointed out some of the areas
spoken about in the authors note in tomorrow when the war began (ie:Terible
hollow, which truly is a VERY rugged part of the trek, and the crosscut saw,
which is a very narrow piece of track that runs along a steep sided ridge.),
recognizing the names of these places, i took a few photos...unfortunetly the
Devils staircase (Satan's steps) was on the other side of terrible hollow and
was only accessible by another track which was completely separate from the
one we were on...

it was so great to put a visual image to the mental image that john marsden
has given in his VERY accurate descriptions of the area and although we did
not trek down into the terrible hollow (hell) its self, its easy to see why
john chose to include it in his books as the characters secret hideaway...it
is truly a very rugged area and very inaccessible, when looking out over the
hollow, all that can be seen is a sea of green tree tops. it is a very rugged
area, and anyone hiding there would remain hidden...

i hope you enjoy the pictures...i wish i had more to give you, but as rest
time was limited to certain points along the track, the opportunity to take
some happy snaps rarely arose when we wanted it to...hovever i am truly
pleased with the shots i have and i hope you are too...

Bye for now...

Davin Baldwin

The pictures Davin sent me:
Walking to Hell
Tailors Stitch
Seven on Wombegonoo
Tailors Stich and Hell
Sitting on Satans Steps
The Hermits Hut (this hut was destroyed in the 2006 December bushfires.)

More more photos from the general area here:
http://www.path.unimelb.edu.au/~bernardk/victoria/alpine/howitt.html - also includes a map of the area.

This site is also recommded if you would like to find out about what inspired the Hermit's hut from the series:

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