Welcome to Wirrawee

Pictures inspired by the Tomorrow series

My Artworks inspired by John Marsden's Tomorrow Series

The Sign
The idea that started the 'sign' motif.

Welcome to Wirrawee
This is what started the style I developed for the main images on the site.

After many hours of experimentation with different techniques and methods, I had found a way to show what I wanted.

Ellie does her work
This work is based on what happens during 'The Third Day, The Frost', after Ellie and Homer jump off the boat.

Wirrawee Bridge
This work is based on a certain bridge a certain group of friends take a dislike to...

Wirrawee Scenic Lookout
The famous 'Wirrawee Scenic Lookout' (No it's not Albury!), from 'Darkness be My Friend'.

Cobbler's Bay - After the Blast
Looking down onto Cobbler's Bay after Ellie and her friends have blown something up (AGAIN!).

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