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Circle of Flight - Synopsis

Ellie's life hasn't been what she planned since the war finished as the conflict doesn't seem to want to let her go.

She arrives home one day to find that Gavin has been kidnapped by a gang of bandits who are looking to draw her back into the fight. After a gunfight on her property with two enemy agents, which ends up being resolved by livestock, Ellie decides to go it alone and tries to save the day again.

Deep in enemy territory, she is caught and ends up in an impossible situation with no hope of escape own her own.

In one of the high points of the series, the cavalry arrives and the identity of a key mysterious figure in the series in the series is revealed.

Even after Gavin is rescued, Ellie is still in for a fight. This time it is with the government of her side when she doesn't want to cooperate with them in the investigation and Gavin is removed from her care. The final part of the book deals with the trial over custody and what happens afterward.

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