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Burning For Revenge - Review

I   have to say that I really enjoyed the chance to read this book again as it my favourite in the series apart from the first book.

What makes this one of my favourite books in the series, is the fact that the story takes an unexpected turn so early in the book.

It seems that in the previous books, there always seemed to be a build up to a major event, which took up most of the novel. The fact that this book doesn't follow this path makes it exciting to read.

The characterisation in this novel is particularly well handled, with Kevin's breakdown being totally unexpected and very realistically portrayed.

Also, the way the other characters react to the situations and to each other is quite well done. There are also some other characters introduced, in the form of the street kids that Ellie, Homer and Fi get mugged by. This hints that we will see more of them in the future.

While I don't think so, some people may think some of the situations depicted in this novel are not as realistic as those portrayed in the previous books in the series. I reason don't agree with this, is the fact the character's previous experience in similar situations validates what they end up doing as they feel they have no choice.

When the group is forced to flee to Stratton, this leads to even more interesting situations with the enemy and from a foe they never would have expected.

One of the main things that contributes to the success of this novel is the language used. Exhilarating would have to be the only way to describe the way the group's attack on the airfield is depicted. It seems the rest of the book is a 'wind-down' compared to what happens in the first section, but if you know the series you know that nothing turns out like you would expect.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to not only fans of the series, but also people who wouldn't normally read books before. I reckon even Big Arnie and Stallone fans would like it.

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