My Documents for the AFC Competition 'Stuff Art'

My Application Package


I a letter dated 21st October 1999 I was informed :
Dear Tim

Re : Welcome to Wirawee (M6731)

Thank you for applying to Stuff-Art 2000.  I am sorry to inform you that
your project has not been selected for funding under the initiative.

There was a strong response to Stuff-Art 2000.  The selection committee
consisting of, Lisa Logan (AFC Interactive Media), Clare Byrnes (ABC
Online), Martin Heogh-Guldberg (Web Producer) and myself had great
difficulty in selecting the final eight applications.

Every project was considered very carefully and the final selections were
arrived at by weighing up the relative merits of each application in what
turned out to be a very competitive environment.

I realise that you will be disappointed by this decision.  However I wish
you well with the project's further development and take this opportunity
to return the material submitted with your application.

With best wishes

Andrew Traucki
Stuff-Art 2000

Encl. (CD-ROM & DISK)